CFO - Hand Guns

Licence Renewal CFO Hand Guns

On renewal of a firearms licence (every five years as required by law) and in accordance with subsection 67(2) of the Firearms Act, a CFO is required to review and confirm the purpose for which an individual possesses restricted or prohibited firearms, except for firearms which are relics as set out in subsection 67(4).

Allowable purposes for possession, under paragraph 28(b) of the Firearms Act, include: a) target practice or target shooting competition (under certain ATT conditions or at an approved shooting club or range); or b) to form part of a gun collection, if the individual meets certain criteria. As part of the confirmation of purpose, the CFO "...shall decide whether any of those firearms or handguns that the individual possesses are being used for..." target practice or competition or collection.

Further, the CFO has the authority under subsection 15(1) of the Shooting Clubs and Shooting Ranges Regulations to request written confirmation from a shooting club or range of "...the participation, if any, of a current or past member...of the shooting target practice or target shooting competitions within the previous five years..." The CFO is able to confirm the purpose for which an individual indicated he or she was acquiring the firearm by looking at an individual's history of ATT issuance over the term of their licence (for target practice) and, if necessary, by reviewing the records kept by a club or range.