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Sobeys Community Room, 7:00pm

In Attendance:  S. Richer, C. Chiasson, M. Scichilone, R. Chamberlain & John Stewart (maintenance)

Due to the Sept. 2018 range inspection having been re-scheduled to the spring of 2019, we will be meeting monthly during the off season to plan for our 2019 operations.

To date we have 113 members of which 97 have restricted firearms and were sent to the CFO

Don Alexander resigned as Chairperson of the events committee today.   A replacement will be chosen by the president at a later date.

We have not received our 2nd refund request totalling $3808.00 for range repairs carried out in 2018. It was submitted Dec 19.  Latest information is it`s in Fredericton awaiting approval

Our constitution was looked at by a legal expert who suggested, without changing the wording or context of our constitution to add a reference that the term ``CLUB`` as referring to the Club de Tir Chaleur Shooting Club Inc.  and to add  an index  with a numbering system  to follow a more standardized constitution format.   The changes have been posted on the web site

The club will be applying for affiliation with the Royal NB Rifle Association at a cost of $190 year. The association has since the early 1980s been recognized by the provincial govt. as the sport governing body for all shooting sports in the province.   The RNBRA   keeps clubs informed of developments, programs and initiatives to offer assistance to affiliated clubs in order to promote shooting sports in NB along with expert help in range site pre-inspection and training of Range Officers with provincial certification. 

We plan on trying to implement a rim & center fire pistol shooting program using official competition targets on a bi-monthly basis every 2nd Sunday morning.  The event will be run by Ron Chamberlain to provide expert advice and coaching. If successful we may also consider 22 rim fire sessions if we have qualified volunteers to organise it.

We are still planning for the construction of a dedicated 25m pistol range if funds are a available. We will call a special membership meeting in the spring before any decisions are made.

We also are going to be introducing club policies on membership discipline and see if the club can help pay  transportation cost  for volunteers required for work at the range site.  We do not have many volunteers so we are planning to help defray travel cost to those who do volunteer for range work.

Next board meeting Feb. 15-2019



                  SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING AGM 2018 

December 2nd,2018 

Raoul Charest Community Center

985 Rue Principal

Beresford, NB

 1:32pm  Meeting called to order by the president, Sylvain Richer. He introduced Board of directors, Marco Scichilone 1st VP, Ronald Chamberlain 2nd VP, Claude Chiasson, secretary/treasurer and committee chairpersons John Stewart (maintenance) and Don Alexander (events)

1)    Check attending membership have signed roll call sheet, 46 out of 119 active members = 39%  establish quorum Y/N = yes

2)    Establish language of meeting, bilingual

3)    Remarks/meeting rules set by president who will be the Moderator, the secretary will present the minutes and correspondence, the treasurer will present the finances.   One person speaks at a time, wait your turn, state your name and membership number, keep it brief and to the point, no personal attacks.

1:35pm Reading of 2017 minutes and unfinished business and financial of last membership meeting by secretary claude chiasson in both official languages. No unfinished 2017 business. 2017 Fiscal was 167 members, income $9,605, expenses $8,441, profit $1164, grand NET total in our accounts $11,996

Approval of minutes made by Rene Salter #304 and seconded, motion carried

1:42pm  Presidents report of past 2018 season, what was accomplished by Sylvain Richer 

-The board made a commitment to volunteer the time and effort to move the club forward

-The Board made a policy to meet 1/month during the shooting season (may to Oct)

-We started an Open door policy where members are kept informed of our decisions, unlike in the past where the board members had to sign a non disclosure document.

-We actively sought out new clients resulting in $2200 more than last year’s $650

-We had a range inspection due Sept. of this year which required quite a lot of work to fix problems

-We extended the backstop from 56ft to 66ft,

-We extended the backstop crest to 1.5m (federal standard, nb is 1m)

-We extended the berm (wing out’s) by 12ft on either side

-We cut a 250m x 400m safety boundary with signage every 15m

-We replace all signage with our civic address

-We actively sought out any available funding resulting in a 50% refund on our range repair expenses from the NB Regional Development Society, it was time consuming and we also received incorrect information at the start but in the end we still recovered money to modernize the range. Range site repairs totaled $15,941 and were able to recover $ 7,900

-We finally purchased our storage unit, adding a roof to protect our investment

-We added 4 pistol benches and brass deflector screens built by Ron Chamberlain

-We replaced the shooting platform roof with a steel roof to protect it from heavy snowfall & icing

- Our range inspection due in September was postponed to next July of 2019

 1:56pm  Report on Nov. meeting with our landlord St. Isidore Asphalt 

 Sylvain & Marco had a meeting with Mr Losier on Nov. 23-2018. He said employees had inspected the range 3 times and reported  the berm repairs, new storage and that the property was clean. He was surprised to know had so many members (169). End result, a new 5 year lease and he agreed to our proposal to construct a 25m pistol range.

Approval of presidents report made by Rene Salter #304 and seconded, motion carried

2:01pm  Report of 2018 fiscal by club treasurer 

Jan. 1,  funds in bank                 $11,990.00       Balance from December 31st, 2017

  169 MEMBER DUES               $9,470.00      includes paypal -4% service fee

 RANGE RENTALS                    $2,775.00      up from 2017 total of $650

 TOTAL INCOME 2018             $12,445.00

  EXPENSES  by Category

            Banking Fees                 -$  118

            Office Supplies              -$  672

           Rentals                           -$    75

           Shipping / Mail                -$  349     stamps / po box rental $ 186

           SIGNS                             $       0

           Range maintenance        -$1,409    includes Clovis Septic $402

           Labour                             $        0

           travel/shipping                  -$   100

           Web Site                           -$2,994     yearly average $1400 includes web master fees $90/hr, Onetime payment for club controlled, fully bilingual site,

           Safety                                -$   215

           Events                               -$   370

           Legal / Insurance              -$2,000      liability insurance

           misc                                   $       1

    Club EXPENSES 2018       -$7,801.00

RANGE SITE REPAIRS (required for range certification)

            Berme Repairs                   -$7,545

            Storage                               -$2,350

             Roofs                                 -$3,796

            Main Gate                           -$1,449

            Signage                               -$   808

 TOTAL Range REPAIRS 2018     -$15,948

Govt. Subsidy  part 1 Refund              $4,094     received Nov 9-2018

Govt. Subsidy  part 2 Refund              $3,807     being submitted for refund dec 2018

CLUB BANK BALANCE 2018 NET    $8,386 includes expected part 2 refund

2018  Operating Loss from 2017         -$3,611 

 Approval of 2018 financial report made by Rene Salter #304 and seconded, motion carried

 2:10pm  Report of 2018 club secretary 

Report from club secretary,  range inspection due in September delayed to july 31-2018,  events, had 6 fun shoots, The legal issue is Transportation permits for guests. Guests require a TRANSPORTATION PERMIT, if they intend to use their own personal firearms unless they are a member from another gun club they must request and get a paper transportation permit from the DNR.  We will have to enforce this; guests with no transportation permits must use the member’s firearms.

Approval of 2018 secretary’s report made by Rene Salter #304 and seconded, motion carried

 2:15  pm  Vote on special resolutions requiring  approval by membership vote

MOTION # 1 : MODIFY quorum from 30% of paid up members to 10% of paid up members

Motion proposed by claude chiasson and seconded  Motion carried

MOTION # 2 : Change the date of the AGM from 2nd Sunday of January to 1st Sunday of December

Motion proposed by claude chiasson and seconded Motion carried

MOTION  # 3 : Delete Section 2 General Membership rules and Replace with

-          Refer to club web site for updated safety rules

-          Motion proposed by claude chiasson and seconded -   Motion carried


1-    Qualifications

Club executives must have been a continuous club member for 2 years before applying.

They must have a working knowledge of both official languages.

No two board members can be related by blood or marriage to one another.

Board members must be willing to invest the time and effort required to move the club forward

They must be available for monthly executive meetings during the shooting season from May to October.

The topics of these monthly meetings must be posted on our web site within seven (7) days so club members can monitor their performance and the clubs future plans. Active members with concerns or proposals may attend.

 2-     Elected Club Executive will consist of:

-  President, cannot also be a secretary

-  1st Vice-President

-   2nd Vice-President

-  Secretary cannot also be the President

-  Treasurer

3-     Length of Appointments – 2 Years

Motion proposed by claude chiasson and seconded, Motion carried


MOTIONS # 5 : DELETE Club Directors/Committee Chair persons and replace by

If required the club president at any time can appoint individual club members to help out and chair specialized committees as needed.  Chair persons report directly to the president for guidance and direction.  The president can remove any chair person for non-performance or failing to follow the president’s directions.

Motion proposed by claude chiasson and seconded Motion carried


MOTIONS #  : 6


DELETE Club Directors/Committee Chair persons and replace by

Motion proposed by hugh Alexander and seconded

A lot of discussion on the topic, Motion deferred to verify legality

Language of Directors will be re-visited at the next special meeting ASAP


3:20pm New business / proposed new club projects (possibilities) by secretary

 5 year plan, (new pistol range, have $ 5000 in reserve funds by next range inspection – 2023

Once fired brass belongs to club, you may pick up your own personal brass

NEW as REQUIRED BY THE FIREARMS ACT, guests cannot use their own personal firearms (THEY DO NO HAVE A TRANSPORTATION PERMIT; they must use the members firearms)

Range closed every Wednesday morning for maintenance from 8am to noon

Rate increases, same for 2019,  for 2020 propose  $50 for seniors/young adult, $70 for reg. members, extra $50 for new members  (includes Range Safety Induction Course). We will re-visit rates for 2020 at the next Special Meeting

We are in the process of setting up Olympic style 22 pistol practice by Ron Chamberlain, probably every 2nd Sunday  morning.

----- TO NOTE, we forgot to mention it we also plan 22 rifle with Don Alexander if we generate enough interest in either of them.  Our apologies to Don Alexander  of the forgetting to mention it.

-      I    - if funding still available plans are to start on a dedicated 25m pistol range

-      Will be  planned as bare bone, 6 to 8 stns, range access door only on 1 end

-      We need to talk to the range inspector to be sure we are pre-approved for the construction

-      Would probably require 3 or 4 members willing to lend the club $5K for a 3 month period until we are refunded by the NB Regional Development Society  ( Lifetime membership pass to the investors ??  Decision will be made in the spring

-      WE PLAN TO CALL A SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING IN THE SPRING to discuss plans/cost  for the prosed 25m pistol range,  also  if we have enough interest .22 pistol ( with Ron Chamberlain) & 22 rifle shooting ( with Don Alexander) on Sunday mornings using official paper targets and tweak the constitution with reference to the language requirements of the club directors.

-      From Hugh Alexander, club will look into insurance for our buildings 

3:40pm     Elections, Both the 1st VP and secretary/treasurer positions were up for election.  Marco Scichilone re-offered for 1st Vice-President, Claude Chiasson said he would step down if somebody wanted the position, no one came forward. Result, status quo for 2019, Marco Scichilone remains as 1st Vice –President and claude chiasson remains as secretary/treasurer.

Meeting closed 3:40pm





  President....................Sylvain Richer

  1st Vice-President........Marco Scichilone

  2nd Vice-President.......Ronald Chamberlain

  Secretary/Treasurer.....Claude E. Chiasson

  Board Meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the Month (May to Oct.) at Community Room Sobeys 7:00pm. 

  Members may be present to proposed ideals or raise a concern (email us in advance)



Our range inspection was scheduled on Oct 31 but was cancelled; we have no other information as to the new date.

We have received the 1st payment for 50% of our Berm repairs, signage and storage container.

We have completed the roof repairs; a new steel roof was installed by 3 volunteers.

The fence repairs are delayed due to weather.

We went over the plans for the SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING to be held on Sunday, Dec. 2ndp\ , 1:30pm at the Raoul Charest Community Room in Beresford.   

It is important 2018 members attend; we will go over finances and range repairs, it is in your interest to show up to voice your opinions on the direction of the club.  We need to modify the constitution for the quorum and having the AGM held in December. 

See web site under notices for the motions

We also want to put to the membership plans for the next year and changes to the guest rules required with reference to the transportation permits, membership rate changes  and scheduling a half day per  week for range maintenance.  Your input would be appreciated.

There will be five (5) 2019 membership cards held by draw for those attending.

Presently the range is snowed in, the RED SHOOTING LINE IS SLIPPERY and BEWARE OF FALLING ICE and SNOW from the ROOF.


 To Note  update from Oct 17, 2018

Our apologies for the delay, the web site changes are complete. The site is now unilingual with a French and an English side,   you choose your preference, using the FRANCAIS or ENGLISH button for your choice, but we lost all the information published prior to September to make these changes to the BOARD NEWS & NOTICES section.

We just received  word that the Government funds were approved on October 17. We are going ahead with the repairs of the range (roof & close).  Also our inspection for certification of the range will now be on October 31, 2018

Discussions of the last meeting of the Board of Directors of the 16 Oct. 2018

Sylvain richer pointed out that we have not yet received any new information on our request for funds available for sports clubs, but the documents are in Fredericton awaiting a signature for approval.

The CFO wants to meet all executive officers of the 76 ranges in New Brunswick before the month of December. Our Range Inspection has been delayed. We received an extension for the field operations of until the end of November 2018. Repairs for our certification of the range are complete. 

We will wait for the Expected funding from the Government before making final repairs of 2018 (roof & fence of the gate main).

We plan to meet our land owner in early December to sign a new rental contact which currently ends Dec. 31. 2018

If enough interest is generated we would organize supervised .22  pistol at 20m and .22 rifle at 20m and 50 m using Olympic style paper targets. These will be held on Sunday mornings,  1 week pistol, the next rifle. 

We plan to do a special membership meeting December 2 at 1:30 pm in the community room of Raoul Charest in Nigadoo. Reason, our fiscal year ended in December, our incorporation date is December 11 and we only have 30 days to send the report to the AGM to  Corporate NB. We'll give details of the clubs finances for 2018 and explain repairs to the shooting range and, if possible, make changes the constitution. Currently it is too long with information that is not required or cause problems with the operation of the club. 

The proposed changes will be published under NOTICES on the website soon as they are translated into both languages. The most important are to change the quorum of 30% of the members (almost impossible) and change the date of the AGM in December to have time to prepare the report for Corp. NB Registry.Having a meeting in December will allow current members (2018) TO ATTEND THE MEETING  and voice their opinion on the management of the club. If the AGM is in January, only members who have paid for the new year  have the right to attend and vote.



2018 EXECUTIFS/EXECUTIVES present; Sylvain Richer, Marco Scichilone, Ron Chamberlain, Claude E. Chiasson, COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS; Don Alexander (Events), John Stewart (maintenance)

Meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at Sobeys 7:00pm. Members may be present to proposed ideals or raise a concern (email us in advance).

165 members

$ 11,992  Emergency Fund (2nd bank account)

$ - 5637   Berm repairs required for certification of the range

$  6,355    Emergency fund available to date

 Finance 2018

$  9,404   members registration fees

$  2,250   clients

$ 11,654 TOTAL of money received in 2018 at date

$ -9,523  expenses / operating and maintains a date field

$   2,131  profit a date

 Sylvain Richer reported that we have not received any new information on our request for funds available for sports clubs, but they are still working on the case.

The repairs for our 5 year range site inspection/certification are completed. 

Our Inspection by the Ministry Department responsible for the shooting ranges inspection/certification has been delayed. We have received an extension for the field operations until the end of November 2018. There's a possibility that the inspection only will be done in the spring of next year.

 Our estimated of $3000.00 to replace the main fence has been cancelled by Expert Fence. The problem is that there is only 1 to 1 ½ feet of ground cover and in their professional opinion Expert Fence  cannot install the fence without a guarantee it will last.  They stated it will require drilling holes in the rock with an air-track drill for the posts. The cost of a drill is appx. $2500.00  We will ask for a new estimated but plans are to proceed with the replacement of a new 6 foot fence. This would be a fence high enough to be visible in the winters and last the life of the range. 

Ron Chamberlain and John Stewart got an estimate for necessary materials required to construct a roof for our storage container. Cost of $615 in materials, the work will be carried out at the end of October.

 Military style shooting competition will be held Saturday September 23 at 9:00 am.

See the website under NOTICES. For more information contact Don Alexander has 548-4290

 Plans are to change the date and location of our membership General Assembly scheduled at the Atlantic host in January (conference rooms are not available in December) to the Raoul Charret Conference room in Nigadoo in early December. Reason, our fiscal year ends in December, our date of incorporation is December 11th and we have only 30 days to send the report to the AGM of the club to Corporate NB. This will allow the members of the current year (2018) to attend the meeting and give their opinion good or bad to the present management of the club. We are toying with the idea of making 2 meetings on the same day, one in French and 1 in English. This should make for a shorter meeting. If we vote on something, we will tabulate the results from both meetings and post the results on the web site that same evening. Your comments are appreciated on this topic, send an email to