Date: Feb. 1st, 2017 – 11th Revision (constitution-11.docx)



Range Site: 733 Chemin de la Pepiniere, Madran, NB

PO Box 283




  1. The name of the not for profit organization shall be known as the:


    Incorporated December 11th, 2015

  2. The Purpose of the organization shall be:
    1. To provide a safe environment for recreational shooting of firearms.
    2. To encourage the safe storage/transportation/use and handling of firearms
    3. To promote the sport to younger individuals in a safe and friendly environment.
    4. To educate and promote the sport to the general public.
    5. To provide when requested, exclusive access to a closed course on the shooting range for local police (Bathurst, BNPP, RCMP), armed guards (Garda & Brinks) and the Ministry of Natural Resources for their firearms training & yearly qualifications. Minimum 2 week notice prior to use.
    6. To be affiliated and be a member in good standing with the Canadian National Firearms Association or the Shooting Federation of Canada.
  3. MEMBERSHIP (12 months from Jan 1st to Dec 31st)
    1. General Qualifications
      2. Members must be 18 years of age or older and pre-approve for admission. They must provide personal information of age, address, phone number, email address and have a FEDERAL FIREARMS PERMIT (PAL).
      3. All members must read and understand the club rules.
      4. All NEW members must take a “green-card” safety course with a club RSO (Range Safety Officer) prior to being permitted access to the shooting range. 
      5. Junior members aged 12 to 17 years of age may be able to use a firearm at the range if in direct supervision of an adult member. The club member responsible for the direct supervision of the junior member must be within arms length of the firearms at all times.
      6. Once a junior member turns 18, they are no longer eligible for a junior membership. Instead, they must apply for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) and pay applicable fee to become club members
    2. General Membership Rules
      • Membership dues are paid in advance for the Current Year ONLY
      • Members must re-apply every year by filling out a new application sheet.
      • At each visit to the shooting range, ALL MEMBERS & THEIR GUEST MUST SIGN IN TO THE LOG BOOK. They must PRINT their name and club membership number which infers they understand and will follow the posted safety rules.
      • At the range members must keep their Membership Card VISIBLE at all time.
      • Members are responsible for their guests actions.
      • Pick up your brass and steel and return used targets to your home
      • All posted safety rules must be followed at the shooting range.
      • If present, all members must follow the Range Safety Officers (RSO) instructions to the letter or face immediate expulsion from the range with a minimum 1 month suspension of their membership.
      • Any Drug or Alcohol use, dangerous behavior, physical or verbal abuse of club members or officials will result in immediate expulsion from the range with a minimum 1 month suspension of their membership.
      • Any safety or unusual incidents, verbal abuse, dangerous behavior or injuries MUST BE REPORTED to the Club Executives as soon as possible.
      • Allowing any NON MEMBER to use your membership card or giving out the gate combination to a NON MEMBER will result in an immediate LIFETIME SUSPENSION from the club.
    • Club executives must have been a club member for 5 years before applying

       A.  the club executives will consist of:

          -  President

          -  Two (2) Vice-Presidents (1st & 2nd Vice Presidents)

          -  Secretary/Treasurer

       B.  Length of Appointments

          -  President for a maximum period of 2 years (may apply for other positions).  

          -  Treasurer for a maximum of 5 years unless audit is carried out.

       C.  Elections

          -  All other Executives are for a period of 1 year or until the election of successors by a majority of club members present at the annual or special meeting. President & 2nd Vice Presidents are voted for, then 1st Vice President & Treasurer are voted for on the NEXT year to insure continuity.

          -  The Annual Meeting or Special meeting time and place must be published two (2) weeks in advance and every effort must be made to alert the club membership. The annual club meeting and elections will normally take place in the 2nd Sunday  of January.

    1. President
      • Must be Bilingual in French and English.
      • Does not vote on board decisions except as a tie breaker.
      • Oversees the direction and well being of the club.
      • Must be the main spokesman to the public for the club.
      • Must schedule, oversee and preside/chair all meetings
      • Must ensure all rules and constitution are followed and upheld.
      • Must ensure club member and finances are disclosed to club membership.
      • Will appoint committee chair persons as required and oversee that all committees function properly and adhere to their responsibilities.
      • May call club membership to special meetings as deemed necessary.
      • Must see the constitution is followed and upheld.
      • President may replace any executive or chair person if they are not performing their duties.
    2. Vice-Presidents
      • Report Directly to the President
      • With direction of the president, vice-presidents oversee the function of the club.
      • They will assume the presidents duties if president is un-available.
      • Refer to duties of President
    3. Secretary / Treasurer
      • Receive all monies due to the club.
      • Keep track of range use rentals by clients and invoice clients.
      • All expenses or cost submitted by an executive must be approved by 2 other executives before being re-reimbursed by the club.
      • Pay all fully documented club expenses by bank check in a timely manner as authorized by the president.
      • All bank checks, vouchers and legal documents must be fully documented and signed by 2 executive signing officers of the club.
      • Must prepare financial projection and required funds for the club to function for the next year.
      • Must keep detailed monthly records of club receipts & disbursements.Must Prepare and submit detailed annual financial report to membership
      • Must Prepare & file corporate documents and annual fees for Corporation.
      • As stated in the Business Act. for “ Not-For-Profit” companies, NO club members can be paid a salary or monies for any work carried out on or for the club. It must volunteer work.
  6. CLUB DIRECTORS / Committee Chair Persons

The club president at any time can appoint individual club members to chair specialized committees such as Safety, Range Maintenance, Events, Promotional, etc.. These specialized committee chair persons will also have the power to vote on board decisions as long as they are actively involved.  Directors/chair persons report to the president for guidance and direction.  The president can remove any director/chair person for non-performance or failing to follow presidential or club direction.

A.  DUTIES OF CLUB DIRECTORS / Committee Chair Persons

Director/committee chair person duties are to recruit club members for assorted duties on a volunteer basis.  It is up to the committee chair person to recruit volunteers to get work done as inexpensively as possible without compromising quality AND ABOVE ALL SAFETY.  No person or member shall be paid for work unless a qualified club member cannot be found to donate their time or equipment.  If no volunteers can be found, the committee chair person must get at least two (2) estimates pertaining to the cost of the project and submit the proposal to the president for approval.


  • Reports to the president & safety Committee chair person
  • Must be familiar and understand the rules and regulations regarding firing range “STANDARDS & RANGE CONSTRUCTION REGULATIONS” for compliance.
  • All maintenance work must be carried out using proper PPE’s
  • Must ensure a safe environment for the range.
  • Responsible for general site maintenance and site inspection.
  • Must pre-approve any cost for repairs to club executive


  • Responsible for the general safety of members at the shooting range.
  • Must enforce all club & gun safety rules along with sign maintenance.
  • Must meet a minimum of once per month (may-Oct).
  • All reported safety issues must be addressed immediately and reported as soon as possible to the executives and, if required for repairs, the maintenance committee chair person.
  • Safety members should possess a valid 1st aid ticket.
  • Safety committee members must have due diligence and safety training, preferably military, police, RSO, 1st responders, nurses, etc…
  • They are responsible for all aspects of firearm safety/transportation procedure
  • They must ensure all club members are trained in line firing line procedures.
  • Must check and maintain all related safety equipment. (signs, ear plugs, etc).


  • Reports to the President.
  • Plans & co-ordinates events (social, educational, shooting matches, etc...).
  • Must have an estimated total cost for the any proposed activities.
  • Must pre-approve events to the president


  • Gathers and maintains a contact list of VOLUNTEERS or equipment and suppliers for club projects
  • To find qualified volunteers with specific skills, equipment or knowledge in purchasing, legal, web design/maintenance, translators, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, cementation, forestry, etc..  to aid in moving the club forward with any associated project. This would also include and type of supplier or technical aid who could offer assistance to the club.




  1. The annual general club members meeting is to be held the 2nd Sunday of January
  2. The Annual Meeting or Special meeting time and place must be published two (2) weeks in advance and every effort must be made to alert the club membership.
  3. If required by the board of directors, emergency club meetings can be held allowing for two (2) week prior notice to the membership.
  4. Motions to be presented at meetings must be DELIVERED TO THE EXECUTIVE AT LEAST 30 DAYS BEFORE THE ANNUAL MEETING AND BE POSTED ON THE CLUB WEB SITE 2 weeks prior to meeting.
  5. Motions are voted on by show of hands by paid up members attending.
  6. Quorum for Board of Directors is 50%
  7. Quorum for annual meeting is 30% of paid up members for the new fiscal year attending meeting.

 The order of business at the meetings shall be as follows.

  • Meeting called to order by the president
  • Check attending membership has signed roll call sheet
  • Roll Call / check membership has signed roll call sheet
  • Remarks/meeting rules set by president
  • Reading and approval of minutes of last meeting (no discussion)
  • Reading of communication
  • Report of club secretary (club membership, communications, legal )
  • Report of club Treasurer ( finances, monies collected, total spent by club)

                 Total club expenses should be broken down by type

  • Report on committee chair persons, maintenance, safety, events
  • Unfinished / new business / proposed new club projects (possibilities)
  • Election of new officers

 PROSPECTIVE CANDIDATES MUST HAVE 5 YEARS OF CLUB MEMBERSHIP and post their interest for a position on the “Notices” part of the web site a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

Steps for an election
  1. Open floor for nomination & seconded mandatory
  2. Repeat open floor for nomination twice
  3. Close floor for nomination
  4. Have members vote