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REVISED for 2023

General Qualifications: - MEMBERS must have a LEGAL FIREARMS PERMIT (PAL).

You must re-apply every year by filling out a new MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.

RATES are paid in advance for the Current Year ONLY, Jan 1st to Dec 31st:

  • -  $ 75.00 REGULAR Members
  • -  $ 50.00 SENIOR Members ( 65 years or older)
  • -  $ 50.00 STUDENT or YOUNG ADULT (18-22 years of age
Fill out the Membership Application  FORM by clicking on the yellow button :

**** if you haven’t received a confirmation email within 4 days, send an email to stating your name & phone number

You can purchase your membership cards the following 3 ways:

  1. From our Web site using the secure paypal option. Log On for Pay Pal and and chose DEBIT or CREDIT CARD.
  2. At our yearly AGM meeting held the 1st Sunday of DECEMBER, 1:30pm
  3. By sending your payment through regular mail at:

        Club de Tir Chaleur Shooting Club Inc.
        PO Box 20059, RPO Plaza
        Bathurst, NB
        E2A 4V7

Make checks or money order payable to; CLUB DE TIR CHALEUR SHOOTING CLUB INC.

Regular Member

Regular Membership


Senior or Student Age Member

Senior (must be 65 or older by January 1st)
Student age member (18 to 22)

Any questions can be emailed to