President....................Sylvain Richer  

 1st Vice-President........Marco Scichilone  

 2nd Vice-President.......Ronald Chamberlain  

 Secretary/Treasurer.....Claude E. Chiasson  


2019 CLUB POLICIES      ( updated Feb 12-2019)

Guest policy

Your guest cannot use their own personal firearms as they do not have a TRANSPORTATION permit. They must use the club members firearms unless they have a transportation permit from the DNR or are members of another shooting club

Field BRASS policy

All used field brass belongs to the club. You may only keep your own personal fired brass

Range Maintenance policy

Weekly range maintenance will NOW be carried out on Wednesday mornings from 8:am to 1:00pm.

The range will be closed to members to allow range work to be carried out.

 Discipline policy

A member can be disciplined by a suspension or even life time suspension from the club for behaviour detrimental to the club. This includes safety violations, behavioural issues, theft, vandalism and harassment either written or spoken and any other issues deemed detrimental to the club.

The matter will be dealt with by the Elected Directors; their decision must be unanimous by all (4) elected board directors to discipline a member. The results will be kept confidential unless the offending member deems it otherwise.

Volunteer / transportation policy

Out of 170 members, we presently have only 9 volunteers including the 4 Directors.  With so few volunteers available to maintain the range site we now must try to help defray the travel cost to the range to do maintenance work.  We proposed to pay $10.00 per vehicle per trip (  based on current gas prices )  to the range for pre-approved range work.  The travel must be approved in advance by two (2) directors and a log kept of the date, personnel involved and the work required.  Payment would be made by club bank check once (1) per year in November. Estimated cost $300 per year for regular maintenance, more if construction involved.

GAS OPERATED EQUIPMENT   (chain saws, brush cutters, mowers, etc..)

All safety equipment PPE’s must be used, hearing & eye protection, chain saw pants for chain saws

No hot fuelling of gas engines is allowed, engine must be cold and located on non flammable ground

A fire extinguisher must be within reach

Cell phone is required for all maintenance work in case of an accident

MOTION TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION,  to be submitted for vote at the next special  membership meeting

Motion to delete section 3a - line 2 and add THE FOLLOWING to constitution:

New Brunswick an is officially bilingual province

Members have the right to be served in a language of their choice, Therefore   

PRESIDENT must be able to speak and understand both official languages

TREASURER must be able to speak and understand both official languages

SECRETARY must be FULLY BILINGUAL, speak, read, write & translate both official languages

Vice-presidents and committee chair persons may be unilingual but being bilingual would be an asset.

President  & Treasurer may be unilingual if no other qualified persons can be found for the positions. 


Club brass for sale Feb 15 2019 Contact  Don Alexander 548-4290  e-mail

40 cal.    150 cases asking $10

8 mm mauser     18 cases asking $10

270 wsm              4 cases asking $4

30-30     22 cases asking $10

.223/5.56  250 mixed brass asking $30 per 1000

garbage bag ofg federal 12 guage hulls asking $15

Contact  Don Alexander 548-4290