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2018 EXECUTIFS/EXECUTIVES                                            2018 Committees

Sylvain Richer..........President                                        Range Safety/Planning........Claude Chiasson

Marco Scichilone.....1st Vice-President                          Events/RSO.........................Don Alexander

Ron Chamberlain.....2nd Vice President                        National Shooting Events...Ron Chamberlain

Claude E. Chiasson...Secretary/Treasurer                     Maintenance………………….Michel Levesque

Meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at Sobeys 7:00pm. Members may be present to proposed ideals or raise a concern (email us in advance)

RENCONTRE chaque 2ème Mardi du mois a Sobeys 7 :00pm.  Les membres avec des concernes ou idée pourront être présent (envoyer un un courriel avant)

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if members of our club WANT TO LEARN  HANDGUN SHOOTING   ipsc  IS THEY WAY TO GO.  NOT  FOR those  who are not experianced  but if you already shoot a lot this is an excellent  course.





Black Badge Course Details Miramichi

Cost is $150. Deadline to register and pay is April 13th.
Friday night’s classroom portion will be from 6pm-11pm and will take place at the Goodie Shop, 20 Fountain Head Ln, Miramichi, NB E1V 4A1.
Saturday’s shooting qualifications are from 8am until 5pm.

Sunday’s match is from 9am to 4pm.
Round count for the weekend including the match is a recommended 500 rnds.
Student Prerequisites
Student should be able to hit a 30 CM x 30CM target at 20 meters with their own pistol 9/10 times, no time limit. Should understand how their pistol functions.

For the course, a student will need the following:
· A functioning pistol, 9mm or larger.
· A Holster that covers the trigger guard.
· A minimum of 4 magazines.
· 300-400 rounds of ammunition.
· Eye and hearing protection.
· Something to sit on at the range in between shooting drills.
· Pen and paper for taking notes and marking exam.
· Drinks.
· Food.
· Warm clothes.
· Gloves.
· Appropriate footwear.
· Umbrella.

To register please send your name to Ted Duguay at ted_duguay or Trevor Furlotte at trevorfurlotte at Make the Subject line “Miramichi BB Course.”

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following info provided by Marco Scichilone ----
conservation education course 
( fire arm safety and hunter education course )

april 26th to 29th english course
( only local course before the fall !!)  bathurst nb

for info or register call    547-2080

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2018 Board             2018 Conseil
President:               Sylvain Richer
1 Vice-President:     Marco Scichilone
2 Vice-President:     Ron Chamberlain
Sec./Tresorier/Treasurer: Claude E. Chiasson
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3. Tarifs d’Adhésion:
Membre Régulier  2018    $ 60 / année…………. ou  APRES  le 1ier avril  $ 70 / année 
Visites Illimité de la famille immédiate (conjoint et enfants de moins de 18 ans)
En plus autorisés 1 tireur invité deux fois par mois

 Adhésion Vieillesse (doit être âgé de 65 ans par Jan 1st) 45,00 $ / année
Autorisés 1 tireur  invité deux fois par mois

 Étudiants / Jeune Adultes (18 à 22 ans avec PAL) 45,00 $ / année
Autorisés 1 tireur  invité deux fois par mois
Vous devez réappliquer pour l’adhésion du club chaque année en remplissant le formulaire de demande d’adhésion
Vous allez recevoir votre confirmation d’adhésion club par e-mail,  puis procéder au paiement.
Vous recevrez une nouvelle carte  de membre avec votre NOUVEAU Numéro de membre à chaque année et la nouvelle combinaison de la serrure de la barrière.
   3.  Membership Rates:
Regular Membership   2018  $ 60.00/year  or  Late Fees after April 1st  $ 70.00/year
Unlimited Visits by IMMEDIATE FAMILY, (SPOUSE and CHILDREN under 18 years)
PLUS Allowed 1 shooting guest twice per month

Old Age Membership (must be 65 years old by Jan 1st)         $ 45.00/year
Old Age members Allowed 1 shooting guest twice per month

Student Aged Membership ( 18 to 22 years old with PAL )       $ 45.00/year
Student Aged members Allowed 1 shooting guest twice per month

You must re-apply for club membership each year by filling out the Membership Application Form
You will receive your club membership confirmation via email then proceed to the payment.
You will receive a NEW membership Number EACH YEAR with a new color for the membership card.


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