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Miramichi Sportsmens Club Fall Rifle Shoot - Oct 27


Come one, come all, to the Miramichi Sportsmens Club Fall Rifle Shoot. This is open to all members and their guests.


(I attended the shoot in Madran , and they did such an awesome job, I thought we'd try the same format, and grow it in the future).


Rain or Shine, cost $5 per shooter AND one non-perishable food item for the Miramichi Food Bank.


All centrefire and rimfire rifles welcome (no muzzle loaders, this time).

Registration starts at 9:00am, first shots at 9:30am.


Part 1 will be shot at 50m:

- String 1: 50m, 10 shots, ?snap shooting? ? which means 15 seconds to shoot 1 shot standing, and 1 shot kneeling (do this 5 times)

- String 2: 50m, 10 shots ?rapid fire? ? you have 1 minute to shoot 5 rounds standing, 5 shots kneeling or sitting. (one mandatory reload is required)


Part 2 will be shot at 100m:

- String 3: 100m, 10 shots ?slow fire? ? 5 minutes to shoot 4 shots standing, and 3 shots kneeling or sitting, and 3 shots prone

- String 4: 100m, 5 rounds ?snap? ? you have 8 seconds to shoot 1 shot standing (do this 5 times)

- String 5: 100m, 5 rounds ?rapid fire? ? you have 45 seconds to shoot 5 rounds kneeling or sitting.


(Note: If a shooter is unable to adopt a particular shooting position, they can shoot from a less-advantageous position. For example, if your knees are worn-out, you can shoot standing instead of kneeling).


If we have enough shooters, we may run all relays at 50m, then all relays at 100m - it's faster than hopping back and forth, and gets everyone shooting earlier.


When we're done, the scores will be grouped by the following four categories, Open sights, optics, Milsurp-open, or Milsurp-Optic. A medal given to each winner.


What to bring:

- Any centrefire or rimfire rifle, plus minimum 40 rounds of ammunition

- Eye and Ear Protection for yourself and any spectators you bring

- A shooting mat, blanket, or something (we'll be shooting outdoors, rain or shine).

- $5, and a non-perishable food item, of course

- Food and drink (we may put on a lunch at a future event, but can't do it this time).

- Everything else you'd normally bring to the range

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2018 EXECUTIFS/EXECUTIVES                                            2018 Committees

Sylvain Richer..........President                                        Range Safety/Planning........Claude Chiasson

Marco Scichilone.....1st Vice-President                          Events/RSO.........................Don Alexander

Ron Chamberlain.....2nd Vice President                        National Shooting Events...Ron Chamberlain

Claude E. Chiasson...Secretary/Treasurer                     Maintenance………………….Michel Levesque

Meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at Sobeys 7:00pm. Members may be present to proposed ideals or raise a concern (email us in advance)

RENCONTRE chaque 2ème Mardi du mois a Sobeys 7 :00pm.  Les membres avec des concernes ou idée pourront être présent (envoyer un un courriel avant)

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3. Tarifs d’Adhésion:
Membre Régulier  2018    $ 60 / année…………. ou  APRES  le 1ier avril  $ 70 / année 
Visites Illimité de la famille immédiate (conjoint et enfants de moins de 18 ans)
En plus autorisés 1 tireur invité deux fois par mois

 Adhésion Vieillesse (doit être âgé de 65 ans par Jan 1st) 45,00 $ / année
Autorisés 1 tireur  invité deux fois par mois

 Étudiants / Jeune Adultes (18 à 22 ans avec PAL) 45,00 $ / année
Autorisés 1 tireur  invité deux fois par mois
Vous devez réappliquer pour l’adhésion du club chaque année en remplissant le formulaire de demande d’adhésion
Vous allez recevoir votre confirmation d’adhésion club par e-mail,  puis procéder au paiement.
Vous recevrez une nouvelle carte  de membre avec votre NOUVEAU Numéro de membre à chaque année et la nouvelle combinaison de la serrure de la barrière.
   3.  Membership Rates:
Regular Membership   2018  $ 60.00/year  or  Late Fees after April 1st  $ 70.00/year
Unlimited Visits by IMMEDIATE FAMILY, (SPOUSE and CHILDREN under 18 years)
PLUS Allowed 1 shooting guest twice per month

Old Age Membership (must be 65 years old by Jan 1st)         $ 45.00/year
Old Age members Allowed 1 shooting guest twice per month

Student Aged Membership ( 18 to 22 years old with PAL )       $ 45.00/year
Student Aged members Allowed 1 shooting guest twice per month

You must re-apply for club membership each year by filling out the Membership Application Form
You will receive your club membership confirmation via email then proceed to the payment.
You will receive a NEW membership Number EACH YEAR with a new color for the membership card.


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