President....................Sylvain Richer  

 1st Vice-President........Marco Scichilone  

 2nd Vice-President.......Ronald Chamberlain  

 Secretary/Treasurer.....Claude E. Chiasson  


Club brass for sale Jan 2019 Contact  Don Alexander 548-4290

30-06     125 cases asking $20

40 cal.    150 cases asking $10

8mm mauser     18 cases asking $10

270 wsm              4 cases asking $4

7.62x54 russian mosin nagant     20 cases asking $10

30-30     22 cases asking $10

9mm    1000 nickel asking $25 per 1000

9mm   1000 mixed brass asking $25 per 1000

.223/5.56 mixed brass asking $30 per 1000

Contact  Don Alexander 548-4290


SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING, Sunday, Dec 2nd, 1:30pm at Raoul Charest Center, BERESFORD

1.6 km past old decker boy(greco pizza) on the right just past Frenette Grocery store - 585 Rue Principal

Bring your 2018 membership card

NOTICE of Special membership Meeting SUNDAY Dec, 2nd at 1:30pm at the Raoul Charest Community Room, 585 Rue Principale, Beresford, NB.  All 2018 members are invited to attend, it is important. Please have your 2018 membership cards with you.  We will have five (5) attendance prises of 2019 membership cards drawn for door prises.   Listed below are 5 motions to be presented.

 Plans are to change the date and location of our membership General Assembly scheduled at the Atlantic host in January to the Raoul Charest Conference room in Beresford for the first SUNDAY of December. Reason, our fiscal year ends in December, our date of incorporation is December 11th and we have only 30 days to send the report to the AGM of the club to Corporate NB. This will allow the members of the current year (2018) to attend the meeting and give their opinion good or bad to the present management of the club.

 This year we will be voting for 1st Vice President & Secretary/treasurer positions. Both Marco Scichilone & Claude Chiasson are re-offering for the positions. If any member wishes to challenge for the positions, he may do so at the time of the election.

 Future plans call to modify the constitution. It is presently too long with irrelevant information. We plan to try shortening it and making simpler. Therefore consider the following as an advanced, published changes that your club directors plan to introduce at the next available opportunity.

 We also plan to put to a vote the length of Elected Club Directors. We proposed a 2 year term for all elected Directors to give them a chance to get projects proposed and accomplished. The entire board would face the election at the same time on a vote by the general membership present at the meeting.

 Submitted Changes to the Constitution (Version 2019) 

Changes or New Motions must be submitted to the Board in writing 30 days prior to the AGM or special membership meeting.

They must be published 2 weeks prior to the AGM or the Special Membership Meeting.

The Motions are proposed as is, no changes to the wording but may be explained at the meeting.

Motions are Proposed, Seconded and voted on with a simple Yes or NO


MOTION # 1 : MODIFY quorum from 30% of paid up members to 10% of paid up members


Federal Guidelines for a quorum are 10% for a not-for-profit club (due to general lack of membership input)

Refer to: Not-For-Profit Corporation Act S.C. 2009, c.23

30% of 165 current members is 49 members therefore 30% quorum is unattainable and unrealistic

The Past 10 AGM`s had an attendance of 13 to 37 members.

MOTION # 2 : Change the date of the AGM from 2nd Sunday of January to 1st Sunday of December


Our Fiscal Year is Jan 1st to Dec. 31st

Our Incorporation date is Dec 11, we have 30 days to submit our yearly AGM report to corporate registry NB

We were holding it the 2nd week of January, because it was impossible to rent a conference room at any hotel in December due to office xmas parties BUT we can now rent a large room in Dec. at the Raoul Charest Center.


Persons attending the AGM must be a paid up club members SO, if held in January 2018 they must pay up to attend.

Changing the AGM to the current year would allow members of the past year 2017 to attend the end of year AGM to rate the performance of the current executives, give their opinions good or bad and have a say in the direction of the club by voting for a change or keeping the present board.

 MOTION  # 3 : Delete Section 2 General Membership rules and Replace with

-          Refer to club web site for updated safety rules


1-     Qualifications

Club executives must have been a continuous club member for 2 years before applying.

They must have a working knowledge of both official languages.

No two board members can be related by blood or marriage to one another.

Board members must be willing to invest the time and effort required to move the club forward

They must be available for monthly executive meetings during the shooting season from May to October.

The topics of these monthly meetings must be posted on our web site within seven (7) days so club members can monitor their performance and the clubs future plans. Active members with concerns or proposals may attend.

 2-      Elected Club Executive will consist of:

 President               ( may also be the Treasurer BUT NOT the Secretary)

1st Vice-President  ( may also the Treasurer and or the Secretary

2nd Vice-President  ( may also the Treasurer and or the Secretary)

Secretary                (may also be a vice-president and or Treasurer but not the President)

Treasurer                 (may also be Secretary if he/she is not also the President)

 3-     Length of appointment 2 years

 MOTIONS # 5 : DELETE Club Directors/Committee Chair persons and replace by

If required the club president at any time can appoint individual club members to help out and chair specialized committees as needed.  Chair persons report directly to the president for guidance and direction.  The president can remove any chair person for non-performance or failing to follow the president’s directions.




 Now reads ... must be fluently bi  lingual

 This line should be removed


All Club members in good standing, with 3 years of membership SHOULD have the opportunity to  run for any club position, being bilingual / or French, or English should not matter

Members will decide who the want as president or any other club positions. If we keep this line those who speak only french or only English are excluded from these positions.  That is not ok in my opinion.