Range Rules


Main Gate must remain CLOSED at all times

 Club Membership card must be visible at all times.

Members & Guest MUST sign the log book, failure to do so will result in loss of membership.

Your Club Membership Card is your Federal Transportation Permit.

Guest MUST USE use club member’s firearms, not HIS OWN.

You are responsible for your guest’s actions; you must explain the safety rules.

No Trap or Skeet Activities, No shotguns using pellets (slugs ONLY).

Hearing protection & safety glasses are now mandatory, new from CFO.

All Metal Targets MUST be Pre-approved by the CFO.

No Exploding or Spinning or homemade targets (glass, steel, cement, rocks, etc.) CFO.

NO alcohol, drug or cannabis use subject to life time ban.

Range brass belong to club, you may only pick up your fired brass.

Please clean up the range site after your use and return used targets home.

LAST PERSON TO LEAVE must verify that the red shooting flag is down, yellow gate sign is put to NOT IN USE and MAIN GATE IS LOCKED (padlock to padlock)


 1.  The red flag must be raised up the flagpole when shooting.

2.   All firearms must remain in a gun case at all times until you are inside the firing line.

3.   No one may enter the red firing line area if people are down range checking targets. Everyone must stay out and may not enter the firing line area.

4.  At the firing line firearms must be pointed down range at all times, barrel must not break 45.

5.  Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

6.  Choose proper target height, so your bullets will hit the berm, keep to your shooting alley .

7.  Before going downrange to change targets, everyone must check firearms are pointed down range, empty of ammunition with the action open.  They must step back from the firing line and stay out. Absolutely no firearms are to be handled.

8.  One shooter must check that all firearms are pointed down range, empty of ammunition, with the action opened and no one is in the red firing line area before going down range.