Frequently asked questions

 ADDRESS: PO BOX 20059 RPO Plaza, 

Directions to the shooting range from Bathurst, Vanier Blvd / Hwy 11
1. Head North on highway 11 for 23Km to EXIT 333 Madran, Pointe Verte
2. Turn left, go over bypass 600m to the "T" intersection, Chemin de la Pépinière
3. Turn right on Chemin de la Pépinière, 2.1Km to Range Gate on the left (last 300m is on a dirt road)
Main Gate GPS NAD83 ZONE 20T, 228135,5301174  

The Club was re-incorporated in December of 2015 as the CLUB DE TIR CHALEUR SHOOTING CLUB INC.  Our Mission Statement is to meet and exceed all government regulations and firearm safety protocols. The shooting range presently offers 8 lanes for shooting and is approved for rifles and hand guns up to 100 yards. The shooting range is open 7 days a week from sun up to sun down. The range is open in winter months but the access road is not maintained

2020 MEMBERSHIP RATES are: membership rates are $75.00 for regular members,

$50.00 for seniors (age 65 by jan 1st)  or $50.00 for young adults (18 to 22 years old)

 Memberships are for the current year only from Jan. 1 to Dec 31

 Members must be at least 18 years of age and  have a valid firearms permit ( PAL) and pre-approved for joining which requires a VALID Hunter safety firearms training course   see web site link below

 Members must fill out a membership application for each and every year to keep their documentation current ( name, address, pal status, contacts) . By law we are required to keep membership documentation and shooting logs for six (6) years.

 Your club membership card is your firearms TRANSPORTATION PERMIT which allows you to transport a firearm from your residence to a shooting range, gun smith, sports store.  Members with restricted firearms are reported to the CFO for the restricted firearms permit which is your restricted RPAL card plus your club membership card.

 New members Must undergo a Safety Induction course with a club RSO prior to using the range. It is a federal Requirement.  Appx. 30 minutes tare required to explain our club safety procedures which is referred to as the `green card safety system`.  The card has no expiry date. The club charges $10.00 to pay transportation cost for a club RSO to give the induction but the new member can chose the time and date of the course

 Our regular yearly AGM meeting will be on the 1st Sunday of December at the Raoul Charest community room, 985 rue Principale, Beresford at 1:30pm. You must a valid  membership card for the current year to attend.

. 2019 CFO RULES & POLICIES      ( NEW updated Oct 13., 2019)

 Range is now a 1 gun range, you may shoot pistol or rifle, but not at the same time

 Steel targets must be approved by the CFO

 Eye protection is mandatory 


 Pistol Steel targets may only be used if no other members are present

 All used field brass belongs to the club. You may only keep your own fired brass

Your guest cannot use their own personal firearms as they do not have a TRANSPORTATION permit. They must use the club member’s firearms unless they have a transportation permit from the DNR or are members of another shooting club

Discipline policy

A member can be disciplined by a suspension or even life time suspension from the club for behaviour detrimental to the club. This includes safety violations, behavioural issues, theft, vandalism and harassment either written or spoken and any other issues deemed detrimental to the club.

The matter will be dealt with by the Elected Directors; their decision must be unanimous by all (4) elected board directors to discipline a member. The results will be kept confidential unless the offending member deems it otherwise.