2022 AGM

PresidentSylvain Richer
1st Vice-PresidentMarco Scichilone
2nd Vice-PresidentRonald Chamberlain
Secretary/TreasurerClaude E. Chiasson
ELECTED BOARD of DIRECTORS (term 2022 – 2023)

2022 AGM

Dec 4, 1:30pm  

Centre Raoul Charest

585 Rue Principale

Beresford, NB E8K 1X6

  1.   13:30 call the meeting to order by President Sylvain Richer
    • Welcomed members
    • Introduce Board
    • Establish if quorum of 10% was met, 182 members, 23 present, quorum established, 18 members minimum requited for motions on the constitution or board of directors’ elections.
    • Set ground rule (bilingual meeting)
      • One (1) person speaks at a time.
      • To speak Raise your hand and wait to be recognised by the chair.
      • State your name & membership number.
  2. Presidents’ comments on the past year
    • successful year
    • 182 members of which only 102 were active shooters.
    • Range opened naturally May7
    • we started a new policy in 2022, only your family or from the same civic address allowed, ONLY the members firearm can be used, you must supervise your visitor or guest.
    • we had 534 range visits, down from 675 last year.
    • They were no club events held and board meetings were by email/phone due to covid rules.
    • board meetings were held by e-mail or phone calls due to covid restrictions
    • we supplied paper targets free of charge to the shooters which were paid for from the sale of fired brass. Twice we had them stolen.
    • 4 pistol benches and screens were added by Ron Chamberlain & John Stewart. The pistol range can now accommodate 8 shooters.
    • Major range improvements were the firebreak for the storage shed. At the same time, we also used a back hoe to add material to the main access road. The safety boundary was also brushed out in October.
    • the bad news was an awful lot of crushed rock was stolen, which required heavy equipment. We need the crushed rock for repairs, if it’s stolen, we will have to pay for it when we need crushed rock.
    • Giving out the combination lock number will result in immediate life time ban. Also, the LAST PERSON to leave the range site must be certain the gate is locked.
    • this year we raised $4,050 from range rentals; therefore, membership rates will not change this year, $75 for regular members, $50 for seniors & students age to 22 years.
  3. Reports by the Secretary/treasurer
    • To speed the AGM Meeting up and save time, Except for motions & elections we will take a more casual approach to the process.  The membership in attendance will simply be asked to approve or disapprove with a show of hands.
  4. First order of business, Approval of the 2021 AGM minutes as posted on our web site  
    • Remark, this is to verify that the posted minutes of the last AGM reflect what actually happened. Are there any errors, corrections or omissions to the 2021 AGM minutes that were posted on our web site that must be fixed?
    • I only have 1, the year was incorrectly stated in 1 instance on the English version which I have already corrected.
    • Are there any other corrections.
    • Since they are no corrections, the minutes of the 2021 AGM are approved.
  5.   Financials (up to Dec.4, 2022)
    • TO NOTE:  The cut off date for yearly financials will be the date of the Dec 31.
    • This AGM financial report is preliminary and will be updated Dec. 31
    • Finances for the year 2022 were reported and a printed financial summary of past 7 years was distribute to the membership to compare the financial health of the club.
    • ALSO NOTE FINANCIALS WILL NOT BE REPORTED ON OUR WEB SITE, You must attend the AGM for this information.
    1. Proposed Range work for the 2023 range inspection
    2. The work in adding to the height of the rifle berm along with shaping the bullet stop and safety berm scheduled in the fall was cancelled due to a hand surgery that required 4 months to heal rather than 2-4 weeks.
  7. NEW BUSINESS (2023)
      1. Revised for 2023
      2. Basically, we don’t want your neighbour or your work pals, MEMBER’S ONLY plus family
      3. Visitors must be related or live at the same civic address as the member.
      4. ONLY 1 Shooter at a time, either the member or guest may use a firearm
      5. The Member is responsible for SUPERVISING the Guest Shooter.
      6. The Guest Shooter MUST HAVE A VALID PAL (federal firearm permit), the only exception are children 12 to 16 years of age with direct adult supervision.
      7. All in Favor, yes
      1. Both our pistol & rifle range are due for our 5-year inspection/certification in 2023.
      2. We require heavy equipment rework the berm between the pistol & rifle range and fix the slopes to the proper angle.
      3. Also, an extra layer of 6×6 PT hemlock rail ties will be added to rifle range bullet stop to add to the height.
      4. The safety boundary must have the signage replaced.
      5. We plan 1-2 days or work for the for rental of back-hoe and truck.
      6. Plan on fixing berms, backstops and adding more crushed rock at the main gate and the access road.
      7. All in Favor, yes
      1. Due to NEW HANDGUN ownership RULES of Oct 2022 by the CFO, you must PROVE you’re a year-round member in good standing of a gun range/club and show proof that you train or compete with your handgun to legally retain your hand guns. It’s use them or lose them.
      2. We will be offering a large bore hand gun TYPE PPC practise probably every second Sunday.
      3. OPEN only to members ONLY.
      4. More information to come.
      1. We do not plan to open the range road before May 1st at the earliest.
      2. The main access road to the range gate must be down to gravel before we consider opening the road.
      3. All in favor, Yes
    5. RENT AGREEMENT with St. Isidore Asphalt
      1. Our 5-year rental agreement for the shooting range expires Dec. 2023.
      2. We will have to meet with the new president of St. Isidore Asphalt, Mr. Ronald Losier for a new rental agreement.
    6. DONATION FOR LEGAL FUND (National Firearms Association)
      1. The NFA, located in Edmonton, promote sport shooting at the National and Olympic levels. They provide training, safety and nationally certified range safety program (RSO’s of which 4 members of the club are certified nationally). They also lobby and monitor gun laws to protect the interest of hunters’ and sport shooters.
      2. We have been asked by the NFA (National Firearms Association) to have members sign a petition opposing the recent gun laws.
      3. They are also looking for a donation towards their legal challenge in Supreme Court of Canada to the recent changes in gun ownership requirements.
      4. NFA is in the process of challenging the proposed changes in the Supreme Court of Canada.
      5. It’s our last chance before the new laws come into effect. It’s now or never. Last call.
      6. I proposed we try $1000.00 for our LAST & FINAL attempt at protecting our rights.   
      7. Two members stated they were for it BUT could we as a club afford it.
      8. As treasurer I replied honestly, we would use most of our 2022 profit but we do have reserves from past years and should be ok.
      9. A show of hand to accept, yes
      1. Roger Roy, stated that he’s seeing more firing line violations. Most concur.
      2. Suggestions were forcing everyone to take a new green to card safety course and Hugh Alexander proposed bigger signs highlighting Firing Line rules.
      3. If it’s visitors the problem, – no more visitors (treasurer).
      4. Also, members have the authority to politely point out the errors.   WE’RE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS
      1. Next 2023 AGM we will be having elections for the 2024 executives of the club
      2. As the secretary treasure I would like to be replaced (due to heath reasons).
      3. Suffered a 5th concussion a while back affecting my balance, difficulty with my concentration and the use of my hands.
      4. I will remain available for the 2023 range inspection / certification is completed.
      5. Turn key operation, I will provide free unlimited training, requires good knowledge of Excel and volunteer time.