Board News


  ELECTED BOARD of DIRECTORS  (term 2020 - 2021)

  President....................Sylvain Richer

  1st Vice-President........Marco Scichilone

  2nd Vice-President.......Ronald Chamberlain

  Secretary/Treasurer.....Claude E. Chiasson


club de tir chaleur shooting club inc.

2020 AGM Minutes, Dec,. 6 2020

432 Principal, Petit  Rocher, NB

1)    2:00pm call the meeting to order by President/moderator Sylvain Richer

2)    WELCOMED members,

3)    Establish if quorum of 10% was met, NO, 15 members present, required 16 for quorum

4)    Introduce Board

5)    Set ground rule (bilingual meeting)

One (1) person speaks at a time

To speak Raise your hand and wait to be recognised by the chair

State your name & membership


5) First order of business, Approval of the 2019 AGM minutes as posted on our web site  

Remark, this is to verify that the posted minutes of the last AGM reflect what actually happened, or if they are major errors or missing information THAT MUST BE CORRECTED? Are there any corrections to the 2019 AGM minutes that were posted on our web site?

Since they are no corrections, the minutes of the 2019 AGM are approved. 

6)     Reports by the secretary treasurer

     - Rates 2020

 Membership rates remain unchanged for the year 2020

$75 regular member, $50 for seniors (65 or older) and young adults (18-22 years old)


      - Membership 2020

157 members, down from 176 in 2019, range visits were down 45%

- Capitol expense & funding 2020

The front steel gate was replaced for $ 403.00

A sign at the main gate was installed to honor the memory Mr Richard Losier

Volunteers completed the construction of the 40ft x 12ft pistol shooting building. Total cost for building construction materials was $12,149 of which $ 6171.00 was refunded by the Regional Development Corporation of New Brunswick.  

Basically in the last 3 years the present board of executives spent $45,951.00 on range modifications of which we were able to recover $ 22,699.00



- 2020 Pistol Range Inspection / certification

The pistol range was inspected and certified on July 31, 2020.  Both Ranges now have no restrictions for shooting. The next inspection for both rifle & pistol ranges is July 2023  


- 2020 financial (Dec. 6-2020)

Expenditures by Catagory ( Regular Expenses)



7)    - Covid 19 rules for 2021,

Due to COVID-19, there will be no monthly board meetings during the shooting season May to Oct.  To note, rules set by board executives are based best practices for the environment, health, safety, emergency measures and legislated acts are not open to general membership vote including membership & rental fees.


Membership cards must be visible at all times. NO VISITORS or GUESTS, except

Immediate Family Bubble ONLY

Members may have Immediate Family   as guests ONLY if they reside at the same address or are directly related to the member (children, parents, brothers, sisters).  Only the club members firearms may be used (transportation permit is only valid for club member)    

Main gate must remain closed at all times.

EVERY ONE MUST SIGN THE LOG BOOK ( Covid-19 tracing) , failure to do so will result in the immediate termination of your membership

Maintain Social distancing of 6 ft at all times, if not possible, WEAR a MASK

Maximum of 8 persons on the rifle range, 4 persons on the pistol range

No organised shooting events for 2021

The doors to the shooting buildings will be removed for the 2021


8)    NEW BUSINESS (2021)   vote on all the items

Lack of volunteers requires paying for travel expense (ie. gas mileage) for those involved in maintaining the range.  CRA mileage is $ 0.58 per km, We will use 50% or . $ 0.29/km.  We will keep a log and payouts will be once (1) a year in November.  A truck load to the dump will still be $50.00

Albert Cleveland suggested we should use the current CRA rate of  $.58/km to help defray  travel costs and keep our of volunteers . All were in favor.


As tested in 2020, we will continue supplying free targets which are paid for from the club selling the field brass.  All were in favor.

We require $10,000 cash reserves by the next range inspection in 2023. All were in favor

We need to add the Pistol Range Building to the Insurance Policy. (Presently, $496 for rifle range and storage container insurance). All were in favor.

We need to add a larger fire break using crushed rock around the storage shed. All were in favor

We do not plan to open the range road before May 1st at the earliest. The main access road to the range gate must be down to gravel before we consider opening the road.  Club records for the past 5 year’s records indicate there was very little use by the membership early on. (less than 5 per week but improved to 15 per week after May 15). All were in favor

With the new gun laws being but into force by the order in counsel by trudeau we propose to donate  $ 500.00 to the CCFR (Canadian Coalition Firearm Rights)  to help fund their challenge  the courts to protect our gun rights. All were in favor

9)    2:55pm  meeting adjourned