There are many benefits to membership, including:

  • Free paper targets for use at the range
  • Free Admission to club activities
  • Unlimited use of the range from sunrise to sunset, all year long
  • Our range is approved by the NB CFO, firearms owners who use restricted firearms for target shooting must belong to an approved club or range

Memberships are renewed yearly, and are only valid during the calendar year purchased (Jan 1st to Dec 31st)

Membership Qualifications:
  1. MEMBERS must have a VALID & LEGAL Firearms License for the class of firearms they will use at the range (PAL or RPAL)
  2. All Members or prospective applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Membership to the club is at the sole discretion of the club Executive
  4. As required by Federal Laws all NEW members must take a “green-card” safety course with a club RSO (Range Safety Officer) prior to being permitted access to the shooting range.

NOTE: A $10.00 gas surcharge will be required to pay the transportation costs of a club RSO for your 1st visit to the range. You choose the time and date for you first visit.

General Membership Rules:
  1. Membership dues are paid in advance for the current year ONLY, Jan 1st to Dec 31st
  2. Club applicants must re-apply every year by filling out a new Membership Application Form on the web site
  3. Members must read & understand the posted safety rules
  4. At the range members must keep their Membership Card VISIBLE at all times
  5. At the range members must sign the LOG BOOK, PRINT your Name and Membership #
  6. Pick up your used brass/steel, used targets and garbage to return to your home
  7. If present, all members must follow the Range Safety Officers (RSO) instructions to the letter or face immediate expulsion from the range with a minimum 1 month suspension
  8. Any safety issues, unusual incidents, verbal abuse, dangerous behaviour or injuries MUST be reported to the Club Executives as soon as possible
  9. Dangerous behaviour, physical or verbal abuse of club members or officials will result in immediate expulsion from the range with a minimum 1 month suspension of their membership
  10. ALL FIREARMS MUST BE CASED at all times unless inside the Red Firing Zone
  12. Theft, the use of Alcohol or allowing any NON MEMBER to use your membership card or the gate combination will result in an immediate LIFETIME SUSPENSION from the club
Guests and Minors:
  1. Members may have ONLY ONE (1) guest at a time, and may only bring a guest a maximum of 2 times a month
  2. UPDATE DECEMBER 7 2023 – Guests are not allowed to handle or use firearms. Guests may spectate only.
  3. The guest must PRINT their NAME & DATE OF BIRTH next to your name in the log book
  4. You are responsible for your guest’s actions while on the range
  5. You must read & explain the posted safety rules to your guest
  6. Minors aged 12 to 17 years of age are permitted to use a firearm at the range only under the direct supervision of an adult member
  7. The club member responsible for the direct supervision of the minor must be within arm’s length of the firearms at all times
  8. Once a junior member turns 18, they are encouraged to apply for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) and pay the applicable fee to become a club member

Apply for your membership today!

You can pay for your membership card(s) the following 3 ways:

  1. From our Web site using the secure payment options. We accept PayPal, Debit, or Credit Card. – COMING SOON!
  2. At our yearly AGM meeting held the 1st Sunday of DECEMBER
  3. By printing and completing a membership application form, and sending your payment through regular mail at:

Club de Tir Chaleur Shooting Club Inc.
PO Box 20059, RPO Plaza
Bathurst, NB
E2A 4V7

Existing members: You must re-apply every year by filling out a new Membership Application Form on the web site.

Download an Application

This form should be printed and used if you intend to apply in person or via regular mail. Please note that all memberships are entered into our online database, regardless of the method of application.