Board Meeting

2 new committee members appointed. | Club fiscal year changed to Dec 1 – Nov. 30. | Work needs to be completed for the 2024 range certification. | Range sanitation and safety to be improved.

PresidentSylvain Richer
1st Vice-PresidentMarco Scichilone (Absent)
2nd Vice-PresidentRonald Chamberlain
Secretary/TreasurerClaude E. Chiasson
Web/Media CommitteeMike Haywood

Board Meeting

27 March 2024, 7:00pm

Secretary’s Residence

In attendance were president Sylvain Richer, 2nd vice president Ron Chamberlain and secretary treasurer Claude E. Chiasson. Absent due to out of town commitments was vice-president Marco Scichilone.

Also present was Mike Haywood, a club member and IT specialist who volunteered to look into replacing our 10-year-old web site that was outdated, unreliable and expensive to maintain. He is working on the project in his spare time. His instructions were to design a cost effective, simple to operate web site along with a program to keep track of membership information.

  1. 1st order of business: Appointment of 2 new committee members by the president.
    • John Stewart was appointed head of maintenance committee reporting to Claude Chiasson head of site planning & safety.
    • Mike Haywood was appointed head of the new web/media committee.
    • To note;
      • Elected directors and people in charge of committees will receive a free membership card every year.
      • Club members also receive free membership card or vehicle mileage rate for performing MANDATED CLUB work on approved maintenance or construction work where they can earn 1 year membership for every 8 hours of labor.
  2. 2nd order of business: Changing the club fiscal year from Jan 1 to Dec 31 changes to Dec 1 to Nov. 30 of the following year.
    • The membership year from Jan 1 to Dec 31 changes to Dec 1 to Nov. 30 of the following year.
    • This will make the fiscal year more in tune with the range activities from April to November.
  3. General Discussion
    • The club along with our landlord is now insured for the 2024 season.
    • 2024 range certification:
      • We are due for our 5-year range certification inspection at the end of June.
      • The only things remaining to do is having the new safety rules posted at the range site (requires replacing the 3 yellow signs).
      • We also have to brush out our safety boundary & replace any damaged or missing Range Keep Out signs.
      • The last item required is to modify both bullet backstops to their proper slope angle of 35-45 degrees. The base of the bullet backstops was dug out late last fall but frozen ground did not permit grading the proper slope angle. We have to finish this work
    • Planned work 2024:
      • We plan to replace the porta potty with a new one.
      • Forest fire safety
        • We plan to add crushed rock around and under the storage shed.
        • We will also place aluminum sheeting on the asphalt shingle roof to prevent flying embers from a forest fire igniting the storage shed.

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm