Things All Members Should Know (Updated Feb 2024)

Things All Members Should Know (Updated Feb 2024)


  • The Club was founded in 1984.
  • In 1992 the club moved to its present site In Madran, NB.
  • The club was re-incorporated December of 2015 as the CLUB DE TIR CHALEUR SHOOTING CLUB INC.
  • Our Mission Statement is to meet and exceed all government regulations and firearm safety protocols.
  • e-mail: info [@] chaleurshootingclub [.] com
  • Our mailing address is:

Club de Tir Chaleur Shooting Club Inc.
PO Box 20059 RPO Plaza
Bathurst, NB E2A 4V7


  • The name of our range is “The Richard Losier Shooting Range”.
  • The use of the range is supplied courtesy of St. Isidore Asphalt Ltd and the Losier family. We sincerely appreciate their continued support.
  • The shooting range presently offers a 25m pistol range and a 100m rifle range.
  • The shooting range is open 7 days a week from sun up to sun down.
  • The range is open in winter months but the access road is not maintained.


  • Membership rates are for the current year only from January 1st to December 31st
  • $100.00 for couples (must have same civic address)
  • $75.00 for regular members, 22 to 65 years
  • $50.00 for seniors (age 65 by January 1st) 
  • $50.00 for young adults (18 to 22 years old)


  • Members must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must have a valid Federal firearms permit (Possession Only or Possession and Acquisition)
  • Members must fill out a membership application for each and every year to keep their documentation current (name, address, pal status, contacts).
  • By law we are required to keep membership documentation and shooting logs for six (6) years.


  • Your club membership card is your firearms TRANSPORTATION PERMIT which allows you to transport a firearm from your residence to a shooting range ONLY.  
  • Members with restricted firearms are reported to the NB CFO.
  • New members must undergo a Safety Induction course with a club Range Safety Officer (RSO) prior to using the range. It is a Federal requirement.
  • The safety course takes approximately 30 minutes, and is provided on site at the range.
  • During the safety course, members will learn our club safety procedures which is referred to as the “Green Card Safety System”.
  • Once members have completed the safety course, they will be issued a green Safety Card. The card has no expiry date, and must be visible at all times while using the range.
  • The club charges a $20.00 fee for the safety course. This fee is used to pay transportation cost for a club RSO to give the induction.


  • Only club members may use a firearm at the range.
  • Main gate must remain closed at all times.
  • Everyone must sign the log book, failure to do so will result in the immediate termination of your membership.
  • Last person to leave the site must ensure the main gate is closed & locked.
  • Steel targets must be approved by the CFO
  • Pistol steel targets may only be used if no other members are present.
  • All used field brass belongs to the club, you may only keep your own fired brass.


  • A member can be disciplined by a suspension or even life time suspension from the club for behaviour detrimental to the club.
  • This includes safety violations, giving out the lock combination, behavioural issues, theft, vandalism and harassment either written or spoken and any other issues deemed detrimental to the club.
  • The case will be dealt with by the elected Directors, the decision to discipline a member must be unanimous by the 4 Directors.
  • The result will be kept confidential unless the sanctioned member decides otherwise.


  • Our regular AGM is held on the 1st Sunday of December each year.
  • The meeting takes place at the Raoul Charest Community Room, 585 rue Principal, Beresford.
  • The start time of the meeting is 1:30pm.
  • You must have a valid membership card for the current year to attend.