Date: December 1-2019 – 14th Revision


Date: December 1-2019 – 14th Revision



Range Site: 733 Chemin de la Pépinière, Madran, NB

PO Box 20059  RPO PLAZA


PART I : GENERAL | Information on the Organisation

The name of the not for profit organization shall be known as the:
Incorporated December 11th, 2015 – Corporate Registry NB # 686291
1a.) The Purpose of the organization shall be:

  1. To provide a safe environment for recreational shooting of firearms.
  2. To encourage the safe storage/transportation/use and handling of firearms
  3. To promote the sport to younger individuals in a safe and friendly environment.
  4. To educate and promote the sport to the general public.
  5. To provide when requested, exclusive access to a closed course on the shooting range for local police forces, armed guards and the New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety for their firearms training & yearly qualifications.
  6. To be affiliated with other shooting clubs in the province and be a member in good standing with the Canadian National Firearms Association or the Shooting Federation of Canada

PART II :  MEMBERSHIP | General Membership Qualifications

The membership period is 12 months from Jan 1st to Dec 31st each year.

2a.) General Qualifications (see web site for posted current safety rules):

  1. Members must have a VALID & LEGAL FIREARMS PERMIT (PAL).
  2. Members must be 18 years of age or older and pre-approve for admission. They must provide personal information of age, address, phone number, email address and have a FEDERAL FIREARMS PERMIT (PAL).
  3. All members must read and understand the club rules.
  4. All NEW members must take a “green-card” safety course with a club RSO (Range Safety Officer) prior to being permitted access to the shooting range.
  5. Junior members aged 12 to 17 years of age may be able to use a firearm at the range if in direct supervision of an adult member. The club member responsible for the direct supervision of the junior member must be within arm’s length of the firearms at all times. Once a junior member turns 18, they are no longer eligible for a junior membership. Instead, they must apply for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) and pay applicable fees to become club members.

PART III :  ELECTED DIRECTORS | General Club Director Qualifications, Club Directors, Election of Directors

Directors have only 1 vote, regardless of how many positions they hold.

3a.) Directors General Qualifications:

  1. New Brunswick an is officially bilingual province
  2. Members have the right to be served in a language of their choice
  3. PRESIDENT must be able to speak and understand both official languages
  4. TREASURER must be able to speak and understand both official languages
  5. SECRETARY must be FULLY BILINGUAL, speak, read, write & translate both official languages
  6. Vice-presidents and committee chair persons may be unilingual but being bilingual would be an asset.
  7. President  & Treasurer may be unilingual if no other qualified persons can be found for the positions.
  8. Club Directors must have been a club member for 2 years before applying
  9. Club Directors must have a working knowledge of both official languages
  10. Club Directors cannot be related by blood or marriage to one another.
  11. Directors must be willing to invest the time and effort to move the club forward.
  12. Be available for monthly meetings during the shooting season from May to Oct.
  13. The topics of theses monthly meetings must be posted on our web site within seven (7) days so club members can monitor their performance and the clubs future plans. Active members with concerns or proposals can attend.

3b.) Elected Club Directors will consist of:

  1. President (cannot also be the Secretary)
  2. 1ST Vice-President
  3. 2ND Vice-President
  4. Secretary (cannot also be the President)
  5. Treasurer

3c) Elections:

  1. Elections are normally held every 2 years.
  2. Directors are elected for a 2 year term or until the election of successors by a majority of club members present at the annual or special members meeting.
  3. The Annual Meeting AGM or Special meeting time and place must be published two (2) weeks in advance and every effort must be made to alert the club membership. The annual AGM meeting and elections will normally take place before December 11th, which is the club’s incorporation anniversary date.

PART IV : DUTIES OF CLUB DIRECTORS | President, Vice-President, Secretary / Treasurer, Committee Chair Persons

4a.)   President

  1. Does not vote on board decisions except as a tie breaker.
  2. Oversees the direction and well being of the club.
  3. Must be the main spokesman to the public for the club.
  4. Must schedule, oversee and preside/chair all meetings.
  5. Must ensure all rules and constitution are followed and upheld.
  6. Must ensure operations and finances are disclosed to club membership.
  7. Will appoint committee chair persons as required and oversee that all committees function properly and adhere to their responsibilities.
  8. May call club membership to special meetings as deemed necessary.
  9. President may replace any chair person if not performing their duties.

4b.)  Vice-Presidents

  1. Report Directly to the President.
  2. With direction of the president, vice-presidents oversee the function of the club.
  3. They will assume the presidents duties if president is un-available.
  4. Refer to duties of President

4c.)  Secretary / Treasurer

  1. Receive all monies due to the club.
  2. Keep track of range use rentals by clients and invoice clients.
  3. Pay all fully documented club expenses by bank check in a timely manner as authorized by the president.
  4. All bank checks, vouchers and legal documents must be fully documented and signed by 2 executive signing officers of the club.
  5. Must prepare financial projections required for the club to function the next year.
  6. Must keep detailed monthly records of club receipts & disbursement.
  7. Must Prepare and submit detailed annual financial report to membership.
  8. Must Prepare & file corporate documents and annual fees for Corporation.
  9. According to the COMPANIES ACT no club members can be paid for work done for or on behalf of the club.

 4d.) Committee Chair Persons

  1. If required the club president at any time may appoint individual club members to help out and chair specialized committees as needed.
  2. Chair persons report directly to the president for guidance and direction.
  3. The president can remove any chair person for non-performance or failing to follow the president’s directions.

PART V: AGM, SPECIAL or EMERGENCY MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS | General Meeting Rules, Membership Meetings – Guidelines Only / Optional, Steps for an election


  1. The membership meeting time and place must be published two (2) weeks in advance and every effort must be made to alert the club membership.
  2. If required by the board of directors, emergency or special club meetings can be held allowing for two (2) week prior written notice to the membership.
  3. Motions to be presented at meetings must be delivered to the executive at least 30 days before the annual, special or emergency meeting and be posted on the club web site 2 weeks prior to meeting.
  4. Quorum for Board of Directors is 50% (percentage of elected board required).
  5. Quorum membership meetings is 10% of active club members.
  6. Quorum is the percentage of membership required to vote on motions, resolutions or business.
  7. Federal guidelines for a not-profit-sports group is 10% refer N-F-P Corp Act S.C. 2009,c23

5b.) Membership Meetings – Guidelines Only / Optional

  1. Meeting called to order by the president, introduce Board of Directors.
  2. Check attending membership have signed roll call sheet, establish quorum Y/N.
  3. Establish language of meeting.
  4. Remarks/meeting rules set by president who will be the Moderator, the secretary will present the minutes and correspondence, the treasurer will present the finances. One person speaks at a time, wait your turn, state your name and membership number, keep it brief and to the point, no personal attacks.
  5. Reading and approval of minutes and unfinished business of last meeting.
  6. President’s report of the past season, what was accomplished by the board.
  7. Report of club Treasurer ( finances, monies collected, total spent by club).
  8. Report from club secretary (membership, communications, legal, safety, committees, unfinished business.
  9. Vote on special resolutions requiring approval by membership vote and/or motions to modify the constitution.
  10. New business / proposed new club projects (possibilities).
  11. Election of new officers, if required. Vote in order; President, VP’s, Sec., Treasurer

5c) Steps for an election

  1. Open floor for nomination & seconded mandatory
  2. Repeat open floor for nomination twice
  3. Close floor for nomination